Saturday, January 3, 2009

Call Meter

This small application generate report from Android call log. This report is presented in message box. This app is as simple as possible.

This is my first app so please forgive me any bugs :-)

Suggestions are welcome.
ver. 1.0.2
Empty call log error: fixed
New: Missed calls


  1. hi,
    i am working on the same apps withs few more added features. but i am very new to android platform..

    if i get ur source code and app.. that would be very grateful for me..

    if u r interested mail me

  2. I love that thing but it would be great to have a stat per month...

  3. It would be nice to put option to calculate price of call.
    Also it would be nice to round first minute, no matter if call longs few seconds (many operaters do that!).
    I am waiting your newborn app.